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Make money Online – Earn Money online for Free Sharing your internet !!

Doc Squiffy
Make money online with PacketStream, share you internet and make money when you aren’t using your internet !! Sign up – https://www.docsquiffy.com/packetstream Remember to subscribe...
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Europe Just killed the internet #Article13 #Article17 will become Law !

Doc Squiffy
Article 17 what was Article 13 has been voted into law today by the EU in . The new copyright directive is going to be...
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Internet Service Providers BLOCK 1000's of STREAMING WEBSITES !!

Doc Squiffy
Uk isp’s (internet service providers) block 1000’s of the best streaming websites after top streaming apk’s take down notices. These streaming sites are used via...

AMAZING – SAVE MONEY buying flights online with a VPN!

Doc Squiffy
AMAZING – Get cheaper flights online with a VPN! use a vpn to save money on flights around the world, the vpn (virtual private network)...

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