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Kodi Shutdown – huge Kodi build shuts down ! Another Blow for Kodi 18.3

Doc Squiffy
Kodi news, huge kodi build shuts down, is it another blow for kodi 18.3 and kodi update in general ! One alliance kodi shutdown. 48...
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Huge Kodi Repo Shutsdown – But it's not all bad news !!

Doc Squiffy
Ukodi1 a huge kodi repository shutsdown, but we do have some good kodi news plus star wars episode IX trailer star wars episode IX trailer...
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Best for Kodi SHUTDOWN – huge kodi site is offline !!

Doc Squiffy
Best for kodi website has shutdown, Kodi websites are high profile and here is another great kodi blogger shutting down Alternate website – https://www.docsquiffy.com Kodi...


Doc Squiffy
EMULATOR SITES OFFLINE – NINTENDO FILE HUGE LAWSUIT 😱 Nintendo file huge lawsuit against 2 of the best emulator sites around, LoveRetro & LoveRoms from...

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