Chris Squifter

DARK DECEPTION LEVEL 2 – This scary game should be BANNED !

Doc Squiffy
Dark deception LEVEL 2 , the gameplay of this level was scarier than level 1 and much harder, will i ever complete dark deception ?...
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Why Huawei Banned and not OnePlus !

Doc Squiffy
Why did google ban huawei from google services and not Oneplus or the Oneplus 7 from the google playstore ! More info – https://www.docsquiffy.com Help...
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Huawei Banned – No more Android or Google Services on Huawei phones

Doc Squiffy
trouble for huawei and honor phones as america and google ban huawei phones and mobiles , which means no more Android on Huawei phones or...


Doc Squiffy
Kodi Banned! Not only third party kodi content but all kodi media player content. This is a very harsh move from a social media company....

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