Download Aeon Nox Silvo – Kodi 17.6

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Download Aeon Nox Silvo – Kodi 17.6


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1) How do I install this skin?

  • There are three ways to install the skin.
    1. Download the skins repository and install from zip then select Install from repository > Aeon Nox: SiLVO repository > Look and feel > Skin > Aeon Nox 5: SiLVO in the add-on manager (wiki).
    2. Download the skin in the first post then install from zip.
    3. The latest version can be downloaded from GitHub but DO NOT INSTALL through the addon manager. You can safely delete all other Aeon Nox SiLVO skin folders, manually extract, rename the folder skin.aeon.nox.silvo, and then place it in Kodi’s addons folder (DO NOT OVERWRITE YOUR EXISTING INSTALL). Please look at the GitHub README for information on which branch matches the Kodi version you are currently using. Starting with Krypton all manually installed add-ons require Kodi to be restarted and the add-on enabled in Kodi’s add-on manager (wiki). The skin will be located in My add-ons > Look and feel > Skin.

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