VIRTUAL PUB QUIZ ! 🔴LIVE – #VirtualPubQuiz (Week 21)

Virtual pub quiz is live here , every Thursday !!!! This is the best live quiz around , We are Not Jay’s Quiz, we are better ! Well different !!

Join my Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/docsquiffy

New Schedule,: Welcome at 20:00 and Live at Quiz at 20:15

Tonight’s Picture Round – https://docsquiffy.com/pictures

Bonus points video – https://youtu.be/BHz6AQ39HXE

GIVEAWAY – https://docsquiffy.com/win

Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/docsquiffy

Questions Provided by Mrs Yarringtons Radio – ​https://www.mrsy.co.uk/radiohome

More info – https://www.docsquiffy.com

Welcome to our weekly live virtual quiz night, we are here to stay every week !!

WE will also bring other live shows throughout the week

and links maybe affiliated ! prices subject to change


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