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Electrical MD is Back on Youtube !!

Electrical MD was a YouTuber who gained over 1 million subscribers doing Kodi and Free streaming content on Android devices and fire-sticks, He also had a Huge Filelinked store. Recently his huge YouTube channel got shut down. But today We have some GOOD NEWS !

Before i tell you how to access Electrical Md’s new channel please subscribe to my channel below and i will keep you up to date with all the streaming content as well as news of channels like Electrical MD

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Electrical Md is now back on YouTube and his link is below, You can also check out his website which is linked just underneath also, Click below to Visit electrical md new channel !

Visit Electrical MD NEW YouTube by clicking below !

Visit Electrical MD Website by clicking below !

Lets hope he can stay online and keep hold of his new channel ! Electrical MD has a huge Filelinked store. you can install filelinked from the link below !

Download and install Filelinked by clicking bellow !

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On your Firestick or Fire TV

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  • Scroll down to “selected APP” and Click it
  • Then Select Download
  • Follow onscreen instructions !

If you would like to download on Android Box or Phone !

  • Open Google Chrome or Your Browser
  • Type in
  • Scroll down to “selected APP” and Click it
  • Then Select Download
  • Follow onscreen instructions !

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