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Block adverts on Amazon Firestick with no APP required !

Many people use Amazon firesticks for streaming ! Adverts can be extremely annoying within this genre. Here is how to block adverts on Amazon Firestick without using a Ad blocker app. It’s done via your Network and DNS connection

This is only possible if your ISP allows you to change the DNS settings

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Block adverts on Amazon Firestick & Fire Devices:

  • On the menu, go to settings,
  • Then select my fire TV,
  • click on about.
  • Scroll down to network and write down both your IP address and your gateway.
  • Tap the Back button twice and scroll left to Network and click on it.
  • Press the 3 line menu button on your remote to forget your network and OK to confirm.
  • Go back and find your network again & re-enter your WiFi password. After the password is entered DO NOT click connect. Instead, click the button that says “ADVANCED.”
  • Enter IP address that you wrote down, and click on next
  • Enter your gateway that you wrote down, and click on next
  • For network prefix length enter 24, and click on next
  • Enter first ad-guard DNS number, (without spaces) then click next
  • Enter second dns number (without spaces) and click connect.
  • Now press the home button and enjoy No more ads and no more ad-blocking apps.


To revert your firestick settings back to normal with Adverts !

To put the firestick back to normal if you don’t want it or it’s not working for you is go to WiFi settings click forget network and then connect again as normal without going into advanced settings

We recommend when using a Firestick you should always use a VPN !

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We do not condone any form of Piracy or streaming content you do not own. We also do not know what license this specific apk may have or not have. Please check these details before you use any APPS.

Please check your countries laws regarding content owners and rights for streaming

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