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Pokemon Go gets an AR photo mode called Go Snapshot: Here's how it works

Niantic is updating Pokemon Go with a new tool, called Go Snapshot, which add fresh augmented reality photo capabilities to the game.

Pokemon Go players could already take photos of Pikachu and other pokemon they found in the game. It’s been a popular function based on the game’s AR+ feature, according to Niantic. To build on that success, the developer is now introducing more options, starting with Go Snapshot.

How does Go Snapshot work?

Go Snapshot will work on all the pokemon in your bag.

Basically, when you pick a pokemon in your stash, Niantic said you’ll see a camera icon and can then go to the new Go Snapshot tool. Once you do, you’ll be able to move your pokemon where you want by throwing a pokeball somewhere, and it’ll appear where the pokeball lands, at scale. From there, you can move around to capture your pokemon. You can even tap or brush the pokemon to get it to focus.

Any Go Snapshots you take will be automatically saved to your phone’s camera roll and you can share them as you wish, too.

What’s the point of Go Snapshot?

Niantic said it wanted to make it easier for players to take photos: “They’re taking these really amazing photos with the current technology, but they’re having to do it in very specific scenarios, like pokémon encounters. We just realized we should make it easier for them to take pictures. At any time of day, on any adventure a person is on, they should be able to take a picture with a pokémon”.

When will Go Snapshot be available?

Go Snapshot is launching “soon” on both the iOS and Android of Pokemon Go.

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